Water - Aqua

Water - Aqua

Cosmetic products often contain water as a primary ingredient, typically listed first on the ingredient list. Depending on the type of product, beauty items can contain anywhere from 60% to 85% water. 

Water is often called "The Universal Solvent" in the cosmetic industry. When combined with emulsifiers, water can be used to blend ticker ingredients like butters and oils, which helps in creating emulsions for making creams and lotions. 

Moreover, water plays a crucial role in extracting and manufacturing various natural raw materials, often in conjunction with other solvents such as ethanol and glycerin. 

Why is it necessary to use Purified or Deionised water for cosmetic preparations? 

Water-based cosmetic products are vulnerable to bacterial contamination, making it essential to use a preservative without exception. To minimise the risk of contamination and potential health issues, purified or deionised water should be used in cosmetic formulations. This type of water has fewer impurities and contaminants, enhancing the safety and suitability of cosmetic products. 

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