About Us

Welcome to Weidy Cosmetics!

WEIDY means beautiful is Fula/Fulani/Peul. 

We are a premium Afro hair care brand created with love and expertise by a dedicated mother who understands the unique needs of textured hair. 

At Weidy, we believe that every curl, coil and kink is a celebration of natural beauty and individuality. Our founder's journey as a mother inspired her to develop our amazing Leave In Conditioner that not only nourish and enhance afro-textured hair but also promote self-love and confidence in every individual who uses them. 

With a deep passion for empowering individuals to embrace their natural hair, our brand is committed to using high quality ingredients that cater specifically to the needs of afro hair. Our product has been carefully crafted to deliver exceptional results, providing hydration, moisture and nourishment to help you achieve your hair goals.

Join us on this empowering journey of self-discovery and self-care with Weidy Cosmetics. Discover the beauty of your natural hair and experience the difference with our specially formulated conditioner. Embrace your curls, coils, and kinks with confidence and let your natural beauty shine!

The founder, Maco Baldé.

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